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We are a high quality agency dedicated to providing top quality face painting, body painting, special effects makeup artists, temporary tattooists, and makeup artists for all types of events. Our goal is to make it easier for clients to find quality face painters in their local area and for face painters, body painters and makeup artists to get much more events.

Our three main goals are to help quality artists promote their amazing artistic work all over the world in each of their local areas, to help clients find and book quality face painters, body painters, temporary tattooists and makeup artists for their events and to market and promote all aspects of the industry, like the use of quality products like Paradise Mehron, Wolfe Brothers, Ben Nye, Graftobian, Snazaroo, Kryolan, F.A.B. paint and much more.

Online stores are truly the best places for you to shop for all of your face painting, body painting, special Fx makeup, temporary airbrush tattoos and henna tattoo products, supplies, and accessories. What makes online stores great is that you can get everything you need all at the same time in one order. All the companies you see listed have an amazing staff of well trained and knowledgeable artists who can guide you on the many different categories. They truly care about their clients and go out of their way to giving you all the knowledge you will need to enter this amazing artistic industry. A few examples of what some of these online stores have are costumes, traveling bags, aprons, stencils, glitter, powders, palettes, gems, cleaning tools, magazines, sponges, paint brushes, airbrush guns and so much more. From the moment you enter one of the many online sites we've listed you will see everything in great detail. They have many different packages and beginner kits for all these different artistic categories. So whether you're already a working artist or wish to learn you can buy all the things you will need throughout your life at online stores listed here.

Many conventions, carnivals, and festivals take place all around the world and are hosted by many different companies for each of these industries. If you are an artist and your interested in learning try to find a convention that is close by and attend a few classes that can help you move faster towards your goal of becoming a professional artist.

You will realize right away that this is not your average directory. We have truly created an art gallery type website which provides a gallery page for each amazing artist to show case their work. We've mastered the art of search engines optimization and are putting it to work specifically in these industries.

The reason we chose to list these specific services under one site is because all of these artists are using almost the same type of skills to accomplish each individual service. Also in the modeling industry we are starting to see all of these artistic body art services being used at one event. The one main tool all these body art services have in common is an airbrush gun. Airbrush can be used for face painting, makeup art, body painting, temporary tattooing and special effects makeup art. So even though all of these services are for very different types of events, they are also very similar to each other in many ways and as these industries get more competitive, artists that can do more or all of them will have an upper hand; especially in the movie and modeling industry.

At the end of the day every amazing artist listed in each of these different categories is after one common goal; which is to enhance or change the human appearance by using quality products, tools and skills. When you look around the site you will notice that some of these artists are already able to provide two or more of these services.

Of course each artist will have a different experience and advantage in learning each service depending on which one they've learned first. So take your time and find the perfect artist for your event. The bottom line here seems to be that with enough time and practice, each artist can be just as good as the other in mastering all five of these services.

You will be amazed when you see what some of these amazing face painters and body painters can do with a paint brush or airbrush gun. I also recommend that you to take a look around to see the work done by amazing makeup artists and temporary tattooists. You need to experience all these amazing art worlds for yourself to truly appreciate it completey.

Face painters and body painters today will leave you breathless with their artistic talent and amazing creations. Face painting and body painting have become one of the most typed in key words in Google for kids and adult party services.

Here are five important things we do to make this artistic world better for both the artists and clients.

1st: We give each artist a complete page for each individual service in order for them to show their work and describe who they are in as much detail as possible. "So if an artist offers all six of these services, they will have six completely different pages to focus and show case each individual artistic service by adding as much detailed information and pictures to each specific page as possible."

2nd: Artists that offer more than one service will have each of their pages all linked together so you can navigate through all of their services without having to constantly go back to the main page." It's as if each artist has their own mini gallery website inside this large website.

3rd: Safety is our most important concern, so we are looking and listing artists who put safety above everything else by using the proper products and tools that are safe for the skin. Someone who doesn't use the proper products might arrive at a childs party with canvas paint and both the client or the painter might not be aware of how dangerous it could be for the skin. This is why we are constantly adding approved product brands all over the site.

4th: Before we list an artist, we take our time to look at their work and the kinds of products they use to determine if they are qualified to give quality services. So basically we made it easier for you to find a quality artist by hosting all these amazing artists under one roof, but nothing in this art world is 100% guaranteed so even if we approved each artist listed on this site, it's still up to you to research each artist and make the final decision. If you ever get bad service from an artist listed on this site, it is up to you to notify us as soon as possible so we can address the situation.

5th: We also provide both clients and artists information on how to communicate and get the service booked. Clients learn a few things they can do to make the artist feel very comfertable during an event and artists learn a few things to also make the client feel confident that they are getting quality services.

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